Frequently Asked Questions





Why Choose CatZilla?

At Love City Excursions we provide your group a fully customized private charter for up to 12 passengers. Besides her awesome name, CatZilla is Saint John’s largest small powerboat and she’s also a Catamaran which makes her wide as well as long. World Cat Powerboats are made to cut through waves, and you’ll feel how great she rides the minute you get going!  For big groups there is plenty of seating and room for everyone, and we have a huge secondary cooler for all your drinks and snacks. 

Why Customs Fees?

When traveling to the British Virgin Islands you are entering a foreign country and you must pay for entry and exit fees.  These fees total $70 per person

What Should We Bring?

For BVI Trips, don’t forget your passports!  Other than that we recommend you bring sunscreen (No spray please, it damages the boat,) towels, sunglasses, drinks, and snacks for the day.  We also have an iPod hookup if you’d like to play your own music and you’re welcome to bring your own cooler but we have two coolers that can fit a good amount of drinks. 

What’s Included?

We stock the boat with plenty of bottled water and ice each morning. We also provide adult snorkeling gear, pool noodles, and a USCG licensed Captain for each trip. 

Where Should We Go?

Take a look at our Destinations Page for some of our favorite recommendations!

What Does it Cost?

Full Days START at $750, Half Days START at $550.  Please contact us for more information or for special charter pricing. 

How Did You End Up Here?

Joe and Katie both moved down separately after college seeking a different lifestyle than that which you find stateside.  Joe came from Nashville, TN and Katie from Berthoud, CO (bonus points if you actually know where that tiny town is.)  Katie came down 2 weeks after graduating from Colorado State University and worked at Maho Bay Campground for the first year before delving fully into working on the water.  Joe graduated from the University of Tennessee and moved to St John shortly after, immediately working in the watersports industry.  They met in 2008 and in 2015 started Love City Excursions and got married in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico in the same year. 

Where Should We Park?

In Cruz Bay, there are some spots for free parking on the streets or by the customs house, but those spots get filled up very quickly.  There is free parking in a gravel lot by the tennis courts, and if those options are exhausted, we recommend paid parking at Slim Man’s across from Wharfside Village. 

Why No Spray Sunscreen?

Spray sunscreen is extremely harmful to the fiberglass and cushions on boats, not to mention damaging to our coral reefs.  Please do not spray any on OR off the boat, as the residue from the sunscreen will still end up on the boat.  For more information on sunscreens that are not harmful to the boat, our reefs, and the environment Click Here.  We highly recommend getting a Zinc based sunscreen without any of the harmful chemicals and wearing a SPF rash guard in place of sunscreen is an easy solution also.

What’s The Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations made outside of 7 days will receive a full refund. Within 7 days, cancellations will be refunded half the cost of the trip. Cancellations made inside 72 hours of the time of departure will be liable for the full cost of the trip, as well as any no shows the morning of the charter. 
Weather cancellations will be made by the captain on the day of the trip and not before, any cancellations due to weather made by Love City Excursions will not be held to the cancellation poliCY. 

During the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve our cancellation policy is 7 DAYS, no exceptions.