Thinking about Visiting St. John this Summer with your Family?

Check Out Our Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants on St. John Right Now!






Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants on St. John

  • Lime Inn– While it’s no secret we love Lime Inn, they have recently updated their menu and we are loving it.  It’s a great atmosphere for kids to hang out and enjoy the kids menu while the adults enjoy a beverage and some really delicious food!  Our new favorites are the Octopus appetizer, The Strip Steak, The Lobster Risotto, and honestly the kids pasta is delicious!
  • Rhumblines– While the majority of Rhumblines’ menu is a tad on the spicy side you can request anything to have less spice in it, and they have a menu on the back where you can pick and choose poopoo platter size items, perfect to mix and match a few things to try, or find something for your picky eater!  And who doesn’t love a restaurant with swings at the bar!
  • Banana Deck– A go-to favorite for families.  Banana Deck has a casual atmosphere, huge menu and great drinks.  The casual seating makes for a great spot for kids to enjoy a non-stuffy atmosphere and the view is amazing!
  • Tap Room– It might seem weird to suggest a brewery as family friendly, but Tap Room is a great place for the family to relax and enjoy great pizzas, nachos, salads and more while imbibing on locally brewed beers for the adults!
  • The Longboard– Another go-to favorite, Longboard is a casual concept with awesome seating for families and lots of options for kids, and parents alike.  Their cocktail menu is awesome and they have tons of options for kids with a ton of healthy options as well.  We love their quinoa bowls, tacos, and poke bowls!

Since all of these restaurants are located on the Cruz Bay Side of the island, we have to mention Aqua Bistro in Coral Bay as another of our favorites.  They have awesome food, a great ambiance right on the water, and sometimes have live music as well!