How Can You Help St. John Recover?


While St. John is doing really great, we obviously still need help in our long term recovery and a lot of you have asked how you can help.









  • Traveling and Supporting the island is the best way to help the economy; every traveler has helped a small business in one way or another this year
  • Positive 5 star Online Reviews are a huge help. If you’ve done a trip with us and left a five star review, we appreciate it greatly, and if not, you can do so by clicking HERE . We also encourage you to write reviews of other businesses or just write a review your trips in general on social media
  • Volunteering while on your trip.  The National Park has programs for volunteering, you can volunteer at Carolina Corral, you can volunteer at the Animal Care Center, there is an organization called Helping Hands that you can volunteer with, and more!
  • Donations to local organizations are still a great way to help, just be careful of who you’re donating to.  We recommend Love For Love City by Kenny Chesney, The Animal Care Center of St John, St. John Rescue, and Gift Hill School!
  • Foster positivity on social media; this one is related to some of the facebook posts that have gotten out of control in the past 7 months.  We encourage everyone to take posts with a grain of salt and to try not to put negativity on the internet because you never know who is going to read it and change their mind about visiting.  It’s a time where we’re all just so thankful for every single tourism dollar and some of these posts have hindered that.