There are tons of great beaches and hikes and more to explore on St. John, USVI.  However, there are some really awesome spots that tend to get over looked!  If you haven’t purchased the book, Off The Beaten Path, then we highly suggest you score a copy while you’re on island.







Hanson Bay- Located on the Far East End of St. John, USVI, Hanson Bay is one of my favorite spots to relax on a Saturday afternoon.  The beach isn’t your typical north shore beach with pristine white sand, but it is a beautiful and VERY calm spot to float in the water and enjoy the sunshine.  This beach is dog friendly and very locals friendly so expect to see some coconut retrievers running around and sometimes on Sundays there are impromptu pot lucks as well.

Fish Bay Gut- Not for the faint of heart, Fish Bay Gut is more of a rock scramble than an actual hike.  You’ll traverse slippery rocks and use a rope swing to get from one side of a standing pool of water to the other side.  But the pay off is really at the top where there’s a large waterfall that can be quite dramatic after a good amount of rainfall, like we’ve had recently.

Kittle Bay- This one is a true hidden gem. There aren’t any signs for it and finding this beach is definitely a worthy reward! A small stretch of rocky beach on the south shore is flanked by a beautiful underwater ecosystem.  For anyone loving to snorkel in a secluded cove, this is the one for you!  We love going to kittle for a morning of snorkeling and then enjoying lunch at one of our favorite Coral Bay restaurants.

Dennis Bay- Located at the bottom of the trail leading off of Peace Hill, Dennis Bay is a stunning location to spend your day at the beach. There is usually no one there and it’s relatively quiet due to this fact.  It also has some incredible snorkeling if you venture out to the rocky outcropping just off the beach.

America Hill- One of the lesser visited trails on St. John, USVI, America Hill has a moderate incline and ends at a beautiful set of abandoned ruins.  These ruins are not maintained so the National Park recommends staying away from them and not climbing on them.  The views from this vantage point are aboslutely stunning.