While our beaches and water are extremely beautiful, there are some many historic spots in the VI and we love exploring them! We always tell our guests to take a day and explore some ruins, read a little bit of the local history, and do something just a little different and this gives you a more complete picture of this beautiful island we choose to call home!







Fort Christian- Recently re-opened to the public and the ending spot for the last series of The Amazing Race; Fort Christian has been repaired and is an excellent spot to spend a rainy day before or after exploring Saint Thomas’ historic downtown area.  You can also easily access the famous 99 steps from this location and take in a delicious lunch at one of our favorite mexican Restaurants, Greengo’s Caribbean Cantina, all within walking distance of each other.

Annaberg- Located above a parking lot that allows access to Watermelon (and some of the prettiest down island views,) we love walking up here and exploring the ruins.  Annaberg used to be a sugar plantation and is one of the more well kept ones and even still has signage from the national park depicting the different areas and their uses.

Peace Hill- Sitting atop Peace Hill is the Denis Bay Ruins which still feature the signature Mill structure and beautiful views of Jost Van Dyke and most of St. John.  in the 1700’s this location was started as a sugar plantation and then traded hands multiple times until it was finally donated to the National Park in the later 1900’s.

Reef Bay Ruins- Located at the very bottom of the Reef Bay Trail the Reef Bay Ruins feature a very sound sugar factory and a large tower located right on the water.  This is always a fun one to explore as there is so much to see and then you can jump in the ocean before heading back up the trail!

Water Island-  Known as the “fourth Island,” water island is a sleepy community located just off of St Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie Harbour with tons of history! Water Island was named such because it features natural ponds of fresh water, something extremely rare in this area.  The main attractions on this island are the forts, including Fort Zegarra, a fort partially constructed during world war II and never completed.  There are also really fun beaches, and more plantation ruins; definitely worth a day trip while visiting the VI!