Hurricane Season is Officially Over!

We’ve never been happier to celebrate November 30th than we are today!  This day marks the end of the worst hurricane season the Atlantic (and St. John) has ever seen and we just want to say thank you once again for all your support the past few months!




With your help we’ve officially raised $5,000+ towards hurricane relief and we will begin distributing the funds once we sell out of the remainder of our Hurricane T-Shirts, available online now!
We will be donating to:
The Animal Care Center of St. John
St. John Rescue
The Soggy Dollar White Bay Fund (we added this one on after we saw the need on Jost Van Dyke first hand)
And Finally to Gifft Hill School who has opened their doors to the children of St. John tuition free.

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve amended the charities we are donating to.  The reason for that is that we feel that our donation money can go further with these four smaller organizations than it can at some of the larger ones and we’d like to maximize the money that you have all so kindly donated via T-Shirt Purchases.