The “Cat” is officially out of the bag….


We’re very excited to announce that we are adding a second boat to our fleet!  

Some of you may have already heard the news or knew this was coming, but it’s finally official!
In late summer we closed on a boat, called Tom’s Cat (soon to be re-christened CatZilla 2,) in the North East and left her up there through the bulk of hurricane season and it is now time to ship her down to the Virgin Islands! 

So what does that mean? 

It means that our schedule has been expanded for December and beyond.  We can now take a total of 24 passengers (once we get the new boat inspected that is,) and we should have a bit more availability for those really busy weeks in December and for Spring Break.  

CatZilla 2

Meet CatZilla 2! 

CatZilla 2 is a 33′ World Cat powered by twin 300 HP engines and has all the same great features as CatZilla.  We’re very excited to announce she will be in Saint John early November and available for charter immediately.  

While CatZilla 2 is the exact same hull, and essentially the same boat, there are some small differences 

New Big Ladder CatZilla 2 has a really stable and larger ladder for getting in and out of the water, making it really easy for anyone with any physical restrictions

Engines CatZilla 2 has 300 Yamahas and CatZilla has 250 Yamahas; this means CatZilla 2 will be a little faster but just as fuel efficient

Larger Groups With CatZilla 2 in the fleet, we can take larger groups, up to 24 passengers, without one group having a smaller boat than the other. 

Legally Rated Once she arrives in the VI, CatZilla 2 will be legally rated to take 12 passengers, just like CatZilla is; making us one of the few companies with boats legitimately certified to take over 6 passengers. 

CatZilla 2
CatZilla 2

Stay Tuned on our social media @LoveCityExcursions for more on shipping, etc! We’re currently in Florida and will be posting some fun videos and photos in the coming days!