Norman Island is probably most famously known as the possible muse for Robert Louis Stephenson’s famous book, Treasure Island. As a standard part of our triangle trip, this location also offers some of the best snorkeling in the BVI, most notably the Indians, an exposed rock formation with an underwater ecological system where you’re sure to find healthy coral including giant purple sea fans and tons of fish. There are many other spots nearby that our captains love taking guests to, all of which are dependent on wind and sea conditions for the day.

Pirate's Bight







Lunch with a View







The Caves







Snorkeling The Caves







A second snorkeling spot on Norman Island is The Caves.  This snorkeling spot is known more for it’s plethora of fish than of the healthy coral, and has quite a spotty Pirate History.  Once known as a hiding place for pirates and pirate treasure, there is legitimate documented history of finding pirate/Spanish gold and silver on the island; but the more interesting story is the NON documented one in which a local family sought refuge in one of the caves during a storm and uncovered a small chest of silver.  The local lore goes that the former fishing family soon after became a well respected and very well off local family on Saint Thomas…..

Also located on Norman island is one of the most popular lunch spots, Pirate’s Bight.  Recently rebuilt after a devastating fire, the restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful, featuring exposed wood beams and the best lunch time view you could ask for.  The food is delicious and we adore the service staff there too, not to mention the lethal Pirates Punch!