Off Season Closings in the BVI

Off Season is right around the corner and while a lot of boats head south this time of year or haul out of the water, we are running charters year round, as we always have!  Charters are a little different though because some things do close for off season.  This year Lime Out and Pizza Pi closed in late July, and the BVI is seeing a lot of closures.  So here is a run down of whats going on in the BVI.  

If you’re looking for a list of Saint John Restaurant closings, News of Saint John always does a good one, here is the link to this year’s list:

Who is staying open 

  • Soggy Dollar always stays open, so you can always get your painkiller fix
  • Foxy’s Will be open except for the last two weeks in September
  • Scrub Island stays open because the hotel is open
  • Willy T is staying open except for a few weeks of maintenance sometime in September


Who is closing or is already closed

  • Pirates Bight closed at the end of July
  • Cooper Island Closed on August 12th
  • Foxy’s Taboo is said to be closing, but we aren’t sure about dates yet
  • Hendos Hideout is going to close for a couple of weeks in September 
  • Pizza Pi Closed in July
  • Lime Out Closed in early August