Peter Island is a lunch spot we recommend for those who aren’t in a rush! This beautiful island has many private hotel rooms, a full service spa, and an excellent restaurant for lunch, but they do operate on island time and lunch can take a little while to receive.



















Another excellent snorkeling spot called The Wall is located on Peter Island.  We love this spot on calm days because there is a large underwater wall that you can frequently spot sting rays, small nurse sharks and many more fun creatures! This is usually a stop off after visiting Virgin Gorda, as Peter Island is pretty far East of Norman Island, it’s closest neighbor.

This gorgeous restaurant is located on Dead Man’s Bay, and is situated right across from Dead Chest Key.  This may sound familiar to those who know the old rhyme, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum, 15 men on a Dead Man’s Chest; the rhyme from The book, Treasure Island, which refers to the rumor that Blackbeard marooned 15 of his men on Dead Chest key with a gun with one bullet and a bottle of rum, saying he would come back for the survivor.  Being a pirate, Blackbeard obviously didn’t come back and some of the pirates tried to swim to Peter Island giving the beautiful white sand beach it’s morose name, for obvious reasons.  Pirate lore has it that most pirates in that time couldn’t actually swim.