As you can imagine, there are a lot of post hurricane changes on St John and in the BVI.  

We think it’s time to get back to regular blogging so were going to kick it off with this first top 5 post of 2018!






  1. Connectivity- At&T was fixed relatively quickly (about a month and a half) but we still have days where the phones go in and out, and wifi is slow to be replaced in some areas but great in others.  One thing that has come from this is that a new company was formed by some great locals with the theory that their wifi system can be taken down before a storm and can be put back up relatively quickly afterwards! There’s also more wifi in Cruz Bay than ever before.
  2. No Crowds- Since the storms, the island has been less crowded than ever! While this isn’t great economically, there’s parking at the beaches, usually parking in town, no crowds in the BVI, no waiting in line for customs in the BVI, and it’s an overall slower pace of life this season
  3. Sometimes you just can’t find things, even more so than before! For whatever reason, Avocados and Bananas have been extremely scarce at all three grocery stores in Cruz Bay
  4. Restaurants are getting creative- Extra Virgin Bistro is back to doing brunch, they’ve added late night sushi and pizza, and for a while they were doing lunch! Some places have changed or amended their menus, prices have changed and everyone is doing everything they can in the trying climate
  5. Attitude! Overall, locals on St. John are so much happier and laid back and it feels like the island itself has bloomed.  With every growth of tree, newly constructed property, or newly opened business, the island celebrates!

Honorable Mention: Social Media has exploded with regards to St. John and while it has been a great source of information for people who love the island and are away; it’s also been a bit of a hinderance to businesses due to mis-information.  So please watch the social media and engage but remember with every post you may need a grain of salt!