Rainy days are hard when you’re on vacation. So, In the spirit of the really rainy weather we’ve had the past few days, we thought it would be fun to do a Top Five post for a Rainy Day on Saint John! From hiking to bar hopping and everything in between, rainy days can actually be a lot of fun!







  • Explore Coral Bay- We love taking a “road trip” out to Coral Bay for lunch and some shopping.  It’s always fun to hit some of the restaurants there or play cards while sipping on a delicious drink!  We especially love Indigo Grill, and Aqua Bistro!
  • Hike Reef Bay- Or any of the other various hikes on Saint John. Hiking in the rain is a lot of fun and it’s always fun to watch the rain clouds move across the water when you reach the top!  The best part about Reef Bay after a lot of rain is that you may just get lucky and see it when the waterfall is running!
  • Go for a North Shore Cruise- We actually did this on Tuesday in the rain. We drove all along the North Shore and stopped at the overlooks to watch the weather roll in.  St John is pretty spectacular even when the weather isn’t perfect; so hop in the jeep, go slow and play some good tunes!
  • Splurge and have a spa day- There is never anything wrong with a spa day! We love the spa at Estate Lindholm, and a lot of the massage therapists on Saint John will even come to your villa and do massages on site!
  • Happy Hour- This is the usual go to for locals when its a rainy day on Saint John.  Lets face it, Saint John has great bars and great happy hour, so you can be sure to find lots of locals enjoying a break from the pristine sunshine and using rain as an excuse to visit the local watering holes!