Saint John is the perfect island for hiking, sailing, diving, eating, and overall having an incredible vacation, but it is also an island rich in history and culture! 

 One of the hikes with some of the best views, is by far, The Ram’s Head Hike.  It’s also one of the most historically involved hikes on the island.  In 1733, after a rough, dry summer, plagues, two hurricanes, and a new and extremely inhumane slave code was adopted, the slaves of Saint John rebelled and took control of the island.   After roughly six months of the rebels being in control, French troops from Martinique arrived to quell the rebellion.  Rather than being re-captured, the slaves committed suicide by jumping off of Ram’s head, with a total of 300+ deaths resulting.    It is impossible to stand atop this stunning vista without thinking of and remembering the harsh past of this beautiful place. 

After reaching the peak of  Ram’s Head, you can see out to St. Croix to the south, as far as Virgin Gorda to the East and Tortola to the North on a clear day.   Ram’s Head is also a great hike during the full moon, as the path is sparsely covered in foliage allowing the moon to shine down and illuminate the path! 

If you choose to venture out to Ram’s Head and complete this hike, don’t forget your water and sunscreen and of course, stop by Skinny Leg’s afterwards for a much deserved delicious burger and a frosty brew!