Top 5 Reasons to Book With Love City Excursions for Your Private Charter

There are a lot of charter boat companies in the Virgin Islands and we know you have a lot of choices to make.  While the majority of the companies offer very similar pricing, there are some really distinct differences in how business are run, how captains interact, and how the boats perform.  A lot of people realize after a trip on CatZilla that there is a big difference when you jump from a mono-haul powerboat to a catamaran powerboat.  Here are our top 5 Reasons to Book With Love City Excursions when looking for a private charter in the Virgin Islands.

The Boat! 

One of the top Reasons to Book With Love City Excursions is because of CatZilla.  She’s roomy, comfortable and can take larger groups no problem.   CatZilla also is very stable and World Cat’s are made to perform in off shore conditions, so the boat does great when we have high winds or rough seas and we tend to get very little spray over the bow throughout the day.   She’s also equipped with comfortable bean bag chairs, a great stereo, freshwater shower, easy in and out of water access, lots of dry storage and two large coolers for all your beverages.

One thing that gets little focus in the charter boat industry these days is that CatZilla is actually inspected and rated to take 12 passengers.  We go through an inspection process every year with the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry on Tortola, and had to get a stability certificate and inspection in order to take this number of people on charters.  This is a law that was passed by the Coast Guard though not necessarily enforced, but is something we put emphasis on, and feel is necessary when taking larger groups.

Easy in the Mornings! 

We try to streamline paperwork and customs for our guests so we collect the customs information ahead of time and fill out the forms for you.  This alleviates our customers having to fill out their information 3 more times on various forms first thing in the morning.  Most mornings (I’m a real estate agent so sometimes I have showings or meetings,) I meet our guests on the dock with customs paperwork already filled out and ready to go.  So all our guests have to do is show up, remember their passports and they’re off for the day.  We frequently see people wandering on the dock looking for their boat or captain, not really sure where to go, and we try to do our best to alleviate that worry, and make the morning as easy as possible. 

Lots of Inclusions! 

Another of there many Reasons to Book With Love City Excursions is our inclusions!  Our charters are all private and we include quite a bit to make the day easier on our guests.  A typical day on CatZilla includes bottled water, ice, local rum drink the painkiller, adult snorkeling gear, pool noodles, and the boat is equipped with a great stereo system and blue tooth capabilities, comfortable bean bag chair seating, and fresh water shower! 


Since our charters are all private, they are fully customizable and our captains are prepared for that.  We usually talk about a rough estimated itinerary in the mornings and then the captains take that and the wind and sea conditions in mind and start the day out, with the understanding that the itinerary may change at any point.  A lot of times our guests may want to hit an extra snorkel spot after lunch or have changed their minds about something and our captains are great at adapting and making sure the day flows smoothly. 

Our Captains!

Obviously, we’re a little biased but we only employ captains that we think are laid back, fun, and responsible at the same time.  Our captains are all 100 ton master captains with extensive experience in the area and they are sure to make sure your group has a great day on the water.  They are used to every kind of group and are great with kids, adults, party groups, and avid snorkelers alike, so they are great at adapting the day and making sure it fits each and every group.