One of our favorite times of year on St. John is Carnival, and it’s right around the corner!

What better way to celebrate than to give you our top five things we love about Carnival!


The First Sign of Carnival







Celebrating at The Parade







Prime Seats For the Parade







Mocko Jumbie








The Parade- Our number one is always the parade on the 4th of July.  Most of St. John shows up (because the whole island essentially shuts down,) and celebrates and watches all the troops perform dances in full carnival costumes, and fete in the street! And no matter how hot or rainy it is, everyone has a fantastic time! There’s also a kids parade the day before that is as adorable as you can imagine.

Village- Every year the customs parking lot turns into a mini village where vendors set up brightly colored plywood shacks and serve local food, great drinks and the bands play until all hours of the morning! Some of our favorite booths are Suga Shack, set up by the owners of The Little Olive, and we love Coolo’s (for an inexpensive drink,)who actually stays there all year round!  We highly recommend trying out some local food, even if it sounds a little weird, some of these booths are run by some incredible cooks.

Music- Every year the music gets better and better. Local, soca, you name it, and this year we’re so excited to get the chance to see Rock City perform

Food Fair- The best of the best show up for this event which takes place in the park in town, directly in front of Cruz Bay Landing.  Vendors set up and bring their local specialties. You can’t miss getting a good lobster Pate. And a beef pate. And some tamarind juice. I could go on for a while….

Fireworks- Culminating the whole carnival is the 4th of July Fireworks display which is pretty awesome! It’s small but its done off of a barge out in the pillsbury sound and viewing it from essentially anywhere in Cruz Bay is pretty amazing!


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