Top Five things We Love About St. John

In these uncertain times with tourism shut down; we’ve been focusing a lot more on slowing down and being extremely grateful for Saint John.  We thought we’d start our venture back into blogging with a little love for the island.  Here are five of our favorite things about St. John

The National Park! 

Not only are our gorgeous beaches part of the National Park, but because the island is mostly National Park we have been able to remain a small, lesser developed gem unlike our neighboring islands.  The National Park also protects the water and marine life surrounding the island, keeping our coral reefs in relatively good shape as well!

One of our favorite ways to exercise is to hike and we are taking full advantage of the hiking trails right now.  The National Park is keeping them cleared for us so we can safely exercise and get outdoors while there are no gyms open and everyone is off work to some degree.

The Community! 

After Irma we saw the community come together in a wonderful way and help one another out.  We’re seeing the same thing again.  This small island is full of people who care about each other and support one another in the worst of times.  We as a community are trying to remain positive and do the right things so that we can open back up for business when the time is right and it’s safe to do so again. 


Obviously we have to mention boating here.  Everyone knows its the best day of your vacation, so why would that be any different for locals?!  We all love our boating days, whether we go to the BVI or just run around in the USVI, on a flat calm day, there is really nothing better than being on Catzilla with a big group of friends, a stocked cooler, and all the kids running around having a blast.   Those days will happen again soon!

The Beaches and Wildlife! 

We love our white sand beaches and relish in the opportunity to take advantage of them during this time.  We count ourselves lucky that we also have crystal clear waters full of fish, turtles, and more!  We also love that we’re surrounded by lush green foliage and tons of harmless wildlife.  

No love for Saint John post would be complete without mentioning our happy population of wild Island Donkeys! 

Our bubble!

This may come as no surprise to anyone who knows St. John; but we really do live in our own little bubble at times.  It’s frustrating in some aspects, but overall it’s a big part of what keeps St. John, St. John.  We are sort of sheltered a little bit from the rest of the world and receive news when and if we want to receive it, aren’t overly inundated with big companies, and of course we operate at our own speed, (also frustrating at times.)