A lot of people get scared off about spending their vacation during the summer on St John because it is technically hurricane season.  However, it’s not necessarily our “active” hurricane season until September/October so there is no need to let that deter you from a great vacation with family or friends!

Here are our top five reasons why summer on St. John is a pretty great time to visit!

Hurricane Season on St. John







Carnival Flags







Carnival Parade







The Water– While always gorgeous and barely ever actually cold; those of us who have lived here long enough to be spoiled, really prefer the temperature of the water in the summer.  It tends to heat up to a nice warm 85 degrees, while not great for hurricanes, it is great for a day spent floating in the water with a cold beverage in hand.

The Wind– Summertime tends to be a lot calmer down here, wind wise, which allows for more options for visiting Virgin Gorda and the north Sound, which we can’t normally do during high season when it tends to blow around 15-20 MPH every day.

The People– There’s less of them 🙂 While it’s a bonus for tourists, it’s not so much for local businesses, however we do thoroughly enjoy being able to go to the beach without hordes of people inhabiting the white sand.

The Parties– Most specifically St. John Carnival or Festival, which is right now!  This begins in the middle of June with the flags going up in the customs parking lot, followed by the opening of Carnival Village which hosts tons of live music, great local food booths, and culminates with a fun parade on the Fourth of July (and then the normal fireworks!)

The Rates– Low season rates are great. May 15th usually marks the drop in rates for the season and some villa companies drop their prices drastically to try and stay full during this time!  While food and entertainment rates don’t change, the prices of villas are enough to make it really worth while to plan your trip for the summertime!