Last weekend on our way back from Jost Van Dyke, we stopped outside of Cruz Bay to watch some dolphins play and to our surprise, they stuck around and were swimming around the bow of CatZilla and they had babies with them!

Once we realized that they were sticking around, a few of us jumped in and swam with the dolphins who stuck around long enough for the rest of the group to get snorkeling gear on and hop in with us.   We’ve all swam with dolphins in the wild before, but this was something really special.  They stayed for over an hour and were playing with us and would swim within inches of us but by far the coolest part was the minute you jumped in the water you could hear them communicating back and forth, even if you couldn’t see them right away.   I hopped back on the boat to drive so Joe could hop in and as soon as he caught up to the rest of the group, the dolphins started jumping out of the water and showing off right in front of them.   By far a top ten life moment, I still can’t believe we were so lucky to swim with dolphins in the wild like this.

People ask us really often if we take living here for granted, and the past few months have taught us all not to take anything for granted; but you never really realize how lucky you are to live here until you experience a day like this.

I have some photos here and then below are a few videos, please disregard the over-excitement of the girls on the boat 🙂

Dolphins off the bow

Baby Dolphin

Baby dolphins swimming under the bow