For those who love to experience Saint John on foot, the Reef Bay Trail is a must see while you are visiting our beautiful island. The trail begins at centerline road, about halfway to Coral Bay, and ends on one of our many beautiful beaches. Approximately 2 miles down the steady include lies extremely well kept sugarmill ruins, perfect for exploring a bit of Saint John’s history. Along the trail there are various indigenous plants and trees, and the shade from the tree canopy will keep you cool as you hike. Close to the bottom, there is a spur trail that will lead you to a waterfall and a still water pool (when it’s been raining a lot) where there are ancient rock carvings, one of which is now known as the Saint John Petroglyph. These carvings have been found on Saint John and also on the very tip of Congo Cay, but nowhere else in the world and their ancient meaning remains a mystery. However, over the years the petroglyph has come to symbolize Saint John and is used in many logos on the island, including Caneel Bay Resort’s. For a great day hike, contact the National Park, where you can sign up for a guided version of the Reef Bay Trail, which includes a boat ride back into Cruz Bay!