What do you do with a hurricane damaged Pirate Ship?

As you know The Willy T was one of the many damaged businesses thanks to Hurricanes Irma and Maria and not much had been done with it until recently when they partnered with Beyond The Reef to turn it into an artificial reef! The boat itself is undergoing a lot of work to make it a piece of art, including dueling pirates, a well placed lookout pirate, and what appears to be a pirate who has had too much rum.  Beyond the Reef is working hard to get the Willy T ready to go and then she will be sunk in an empty area off of Peter Island where fish will be attracted to the ship and new coral can begin to grow on it, thus creating a whole new eco system.  Click on the link above to read more about their story and this project in particular. 

Hard at work on shore at Norman Island! 

They’ve been working hard to get the old boat ready to go, using the barge thats along side it as they work to make sure its ready to become a new eco-system!

The Lookout Pirate Doing his job!

Can you find the pirate who has had too much Rum?

Easy to do on a pirate ship, especially a ship wrecked one!   The dueling pirates are pretty easy to spot and should be a fun addition to this dive site once the coral grows on everything!