One of our most famous stops is by far the pristine sands of the Baths on the island of Virgin Gorda.  Here you can explore massive granite boulders, hike through grottos, or relax at Pour Man’s Bar on Spring Bay. 

There are two ways to enter The Baths; by water or by land.  If you choose to swim, you’ll be jumping into crystal clear turquoise water for a leisurely swim of around 100 yards before landing on the white sands of Devil’s Bay.  From there you can venture straight into the grottos of The Baths, weaving your way through pools of water and up slightly rough ladders to emerge onto popular Spring Bay.  Once here there are restrooms, souvenir vendors, and most importantly a bar where you can quench your thirst before heading back to the boat.

If a land approach is more your style, we’re happy to dock the boat at Spanish Town Marina where we will find you a friendly taxi driver to take you to what is referred to as “The Top of The Baths.”  From here, you’ll take a small hike down to either Devil’s Bay OR Spring Bay, work your way through the same grottos and pools of water and then emerge onto a second hike which takes you back up to the top.

There is no real benefit to going either way, as long as the weather is cooperating, so this is completely up to you! Either way, you’ll experience great views, gorgeous water, and the famous granite rock formation known as a Batholith.