While we are well aware it is hurricane season, making a last minute trip down to the Caribbean in the peak of off season has some perks! Here are our top five Things to Take Advantage of This Off Season, just in case those cheap plane tickets are calling your name!

Visit Scrub Island! 

You may have seen on our Instagram that we’ve been spending some fun days at Scrub Island lately! The reason being that normally you can’t just dock a boat and go play in the pool of an exclusive resort, but this season you can! We’re not sure how long it will last, but right now on our charters, we’ve been able to plan the day around having lunch at Scrub Island and then spending some QT at their pool and swim up bar before heading out for more salt water fun!  Definitely a perk worth taking advantage of, if your charter schedule and the wind and sea conditions allow.

Have the beach all to yourself! 

Starting around mid August, the island usually starts to thin out and by the beginning of September the tourists here are pretty minimal.  This leads to a lot of benefits, one of which is having an entire white sand beach all to yourself.  This is one of our favorite times to take advantage of the beaches here and spend the day floating in the water with friends or simply just relaxing on the beach itself with no one around to intrude!

Oil Nut Bay! 

Another extremely exclusive hotel in the BVI has opened it’s doors to boaters this season, and will continue to do so during off season.  Oil Nut Bay is on the very far East end of Virgin Gorda past the North Sound, making it a full day destination if you choose to venture that far.  It is definitely worth it if you are looking for a really relaxing day where you can soak in two different pools, play on a white sand beach, enjoy a swim up bar, and then venture up to lunch whenever it suits you! This is one of our favorite spots to spend an entire day really relaxing, but its extremely far away from St. John so this is only a destination on those off season days where the seas are flat calm and the wind is light.   

Calm Seas! 

During the months of August-September and sometimes October our Tradewinds die down drastically and while it is hotter on land, the water couldn’t be better for boating.  It’s started already this season and given us the opportunity to really do anything our guests want for the day without worrying about it being rough at all.   Virgin Gorda, no problem! We love this time of year for boating, because who doesn’t love a day where the ocean looks like a lake!?

No lines and lots of parking!

Things here are going to be quiet for the next couple of months which means lots of parking in town, lots of parking at beaches and no real lines to speak of! BVI customs will be a breeze each day, the ferry lines will be minimal, and there will be no reservations needed at any of the restaurants that remain open during off season.  Think walking into Morgan’s Mango for dinner and getting your preferred seat right away after finding that perfect and free parking spot in town!