Some of our favorite Virgin Islands cocktails, and their ingredients! We also included a few of our favorite spots to enjoy them!

























The Painkiller

The original was said to have been created at The Soggy Dollar Bar, and is their specialty cocktail.  I personally LOVE their ‘Nilla ‘Killa; which is the painkiller with Vanilla rum instead of the regular dark rum.

Painkillers are 1 part OJ, 1 part Pineapple juice, 1 part rum, a squeeze of Cream of coconut, and topped with Fresh grated nutmeg if making them individually.  Captain Joe makes a mean painkiller onboard CatZilla though!  (side note; use Cruzan Rum for a true Virgin Islands taste)

The Bushwacker

 Described as an adult milkshake, this delicious and slightly dangerous beverage is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.    Ask for it Virgin and you are likely to receive a cup with only ice in it. There are MANY different recipes for the bushwhacker but we think Drink on St John makes the best. They have Girl Scout cookie flavored ones, as well as my favorite, The Peanut Butter Bushwacker.

The Dark and Stormy

 Best served during an epic Caribbean Thunderstorm. Dark Rum, Ginger Beer, and Bitters served over ice.  Delicious!

Pirate’s Punch

A variation on the traditional Rum Punch made famous around here by Pirate’s Bight, this beverage is served in a massive plastic cup that can double as a sand castle maker after you’re done.  Just make sure you share; we’re pretty sure there isn’t any juice in this one.

Ting with a Sting

My personal favorite. Ting is a local grapefruit soda that is hard to find stateside and pairs really well with a good vodka over ice.  I love this made with sparkling water to tame down the sweetness.