While the majority of our guests prefer to do a BVI trip to see a bit more of the area, there are a lot of great reasons to stay in US Waters only and explore all that the National Park and surrounding areas have to offer!

Top Five Reasons Below….



















Pizza Pi







No customs fees– This is the obvious one and usually the biggest consideration for guests when deciding between BVI and USVI.  US Waters trips save you $50 per person and this rate is going to increase for next year so the savings are going to be even bigger.

Lots of Snorkeling– While the National Park prevents us from being able to anchor close to any beaches, it does allow for some excellent snorkeling.  The Virgin Islands National Park and surrounding areas are abundant with fish and marine life and a lot of these snorkeling spots are difficult or impossible to get to by car which makes a US Waters Only trip perfect for any avid snorkeler.

Buck Island and Sea Turtles– Located on the South Side of Saint Thomas is a sea turtle sanctuary called Buck Island.  A famous cruise ship stop, we try to only visit this spot when the cruise ships aren’t in port but even with hordes of people it is very cool to get up close and personal with some of these gentle marine creatures.

Pizza Pi- Also on the south side of Saint Thomas is Christmas Cove; which houses our only floating restaurant in the USVI.  Known for fresh handmade New York Style pizzas, this is our go to lunch spot when staying in US Waters.

No Lines– Especially during holiday weeks, it’s a HUGE benefit not to have to wait in line for customs.  During Christmas week, lines can be very long and with a US Waters Only trip, this is something you don’t even have to consider!