Named by Christopher Columbus (he thought the island resembled a large woman laying on her back,)Virgin Gorda is a large island with so much to see; a lot of visitors want only to see the famous baths and don’t realize there is so much more to this beautiful island.  It’s been called the Rich and Famous’ playground, The most beautiful island in the BVI, and much more by Travel Blogs and Travel publications alike.

The Baths







Saba Rock







The North Sound







The Cathedral Room in the Baths







There are few caveats when it comes to the baths; the first being that any trip up there is ALWAYS dependent on wind and sea conditions.  Virgin Gorda is almost 40 miles away from Saint John and the ride up can be very bumpy and sometimes our captains will say no due to safety and wear and tear on the boat.  A second caveat is that if you want to visit the North Sound, we usually recommend staying up that way for the entire day to maximize the amount of time spent in each place; the North Sound is even further away from St John and boasts a plethora of wonderful places to explore.

In addition to the baths and the North Sound there are many beautiful beaches including Savannah Bay, that are wonderful to visit and explore if you’re spending the day up near Virgin Gorda.  Our favorite spot for lunch is in The North Sound, Called Saba Rock.  This tiny (acre and a half) island boasts multiple hotel rooms, a rooftop terrace, and a restaurant with a great lunch menu and excellent cocktails. Read more here.

The baths are a granite based rock formation only found in a few areas of the world, making them a very popular tourist destination.  Once you reach Virgin Gorda, you will swim into the baths and then hike through caverns, up and over wooden stairs, and even use a rope to climb up a rock at one point.  This adventure is a great active start to a fun day on the water!