Another post relating to a publication I did some writing for a while back; a few fun facts and some Virgin Islands Information for our guests!

  1. On Saint John, Caneel Bay Resort, was one of the first Rock Resorts created by Lawrence Rockefeller, who later donated the majority of the land to the National Park
  2. The US virgin Islands is comprised of 3 main islands; Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Saint John and recently Water Island has been recognized as the fourth
  3. Saint John, is approximately 65% National Park and the majority of her waters are considered National Monuments
  4. Saint Thomas boasts a population of approximately 55,000 while Saint John has only approximately 4,500
  5. Christopher Columbus is said to be the first European to see the Virgin Islands and named the island chain after Saint Ursula and the 11,000 virgins martyred with her (fun fact, he also named Virgin Gorda saying she resembled a large woman laying down)
  6. The United States purchased the entire territory in 1917 for $25 million in gold bars (bonus points if you know that it was to prevent Germany from acquiring the islands instead of the US)
  7. U.S. Virgin Islanders are U.S. citizens, although they cannot vote in presidential elections and have only non-voting status in Congress
  8. Saint Thomas boasts the oldest running synagog in the United States, complete with white sand on the interior floors and was one of the largest and Jewish populations in the Western Hemisphere
  9. The last major hurricane, Marilyn, to hit the Virgin Islands was in 1995 and the islands were without electrical power for up to three months in some areas
  10. The United States Virgin Islands is the only place under United States jurisdiction where the rule of the road is to drive on the left. This was inherited from what was the then-current Danish practice at the time of the American acquisition in 1917