We think St. John and the BVI look pretty amazing these days.

Not everything in either destination is back open as before the storm, but the things that are open are thrilled with tourism and so happy to be able to operate, even if not at 100%.

This is what is open in the BVI as of February:








Sandy Spit







Soggy Dollar







*Update as of April 1st*

  • Soggy Dollar Bar is open for lunch, drinks and shopping in their retail spot
  • Hendo’s Hideout is open for lunch, dinner, and drinks
  • Cocoloco is open for drinks
  • One Love is open for drinks
  • Ivan’s is rebuilding and has hosted a few floatillas, but there is a simple bar set up open now
  • Foxy’s is open for lunch, dinner, and drinks
  • Foxy’s Taboo is closed but they are going to rebuild at some point
  • Sedy’s Peace and Love in little Harbour on Jost Van Dyke is open for lunch including lobster
  • Sandy Spit is gorgeous and has tiny palm trees sprouting up
  • Cane Garden Bay is beautiful but there is a lot of construction going on
  • Myetts is open on Cane Garden Bay
  • Pirate’s Bight is open for lunch and dinner and drinks
  • Cooper Island’s Restaurant and Hotel are both Open
  • Scrub Island is open in limited capacity
  • Marina Key is severely damaged and we don’t know if it is opening back up
  • The Baths look gorgeous as ever and have been open for months
  • Saba Rock is severely damaged and has recently sold and is starting the process of rebuilding, we can’t wait to see what the progress looks like
  • Bitter End Yacht club is very badly damaged and is working with engineers to begin the rebuilding process
  • Peter Island is renovating and will be re-opening soon
That’s about it for BVI spots we go to on Day Charters, shoot us an email if you have any specific questions about BVI destinations!