St. John has been kind of magical lately (did you see the dolphin video we posted last Monday?) and everyone who is here visiting couldn’t agree more.   We’re heading into summer SO soon and we wanted to highlight 5 reasons why you should Visit St. John this Summer!

Let’s talk first about hurricane season.  It starts June 1st, so why would you visit during hurricane season?  Yes, June 1st is officially the start of Hurricane Season, but don’t let that scare you away from all the great things that St. John has to offer in the Summertime.  Our real hurricane season is September and October but MOSTLY September, that’s when we have gotten the majority of our big storms, (Hello Irma and Maria!) so don’t let that scare you!

Come down and enjoy St John! These five are the biggest reasons why it’s a really good idea!

Calm Water– Summer time is generally SUPER calm on the water; something that really makes a day on CatZilla even better! We love those days where the water is so flat, it looks like a lake.  Those are the days when you’ll hear all the locals saying, “Gosh it is so beautiful out today, I wish I was on the water”  We Love Those Days!

Flights– Flights are getting cheaper and better than they have been.  I recently found super cheap flights from JFK and as more airlines come in, more flights will become available and the prices will lower.  Everything we’re finding now looks relatively the same as it was pre-storm.

CARNIVAL– The end of June and beginning of July mean it’s CARNIVAL TIME! Everyone loves a good party and Carnival is no exception.  So many great events to attend but our favorites are food fair for some great Pates, and the parade for a fun day when the whole island feels like they are celebrating!  We can’t mention Carnival without mentioning the village; a whole parking lot of pop up restaurants and bars centered around one huge stage with nightly concerts.

Lower Prices– Villas tend to lower their prices during the summer time, so lodging will be less expensive and with less people here, there will be more options to choose from!

Empty Beaches– Less people= empty beaches, every vacationer’s dream!

Come Visit, there’s no reason to put it off, 2018 has been a great year for visitors and we’re hoping for even more to come!