BVI Day Charters and the real story 

Written by Katie Zachary

November 3, 2022

 The BVI has been a back and forth for years now with announcements and then changes to those announcements, so we’re breaking it down. 

Private Day Charters

The BVI announced in September that they are in talks with the US Government to try to do something that is cohesive and works for both tourism products; sounds rational right? They were supposed to make the final announcement on Friendship day (October 22nd,) well the announcement never came and all we are being told is that “They are negotiating.”  There is a workaround for getting licensed for the BVI and we have started this process but it takes months to get everything done and is very expensive.  Last week we were told that there is potentially a freeze on one of the licenses we need and when reaching out to government officials were told there was information forth coming and to “just be patient.”  So I guess that is where we leave it for you; that we are all being patient and dealing with the shots as they come.  For now there are a few companies who have gotten their licensing done and are running, but we plan to stick with US trips until this is all resolved. 


Looking forward to days like these again very soon!

Saint John Private Charters

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