We love going to Pirate’s Bight on Norman Island with our guests, and recently they opened up a new restaurant called The Club.  A totally different experience, The Club is higher end and over all delicious!



















The Club on Norman island is a very different restaurant and experience than Pirate’s Bight.  It’s a slower pace with more elevated menu options, which we love!  The prices are a little bit higher but the food is definitely worth it.  They also have an amazing Cocktail menu!

The space that The Club occupies actually came about by a series of very unfortunate events.  In off season of 2014, Pirates Bight burned completely to the ground in an accidental fire.  In order to accommodate the hoards of hungry boaters that visit during high season, they erected a temporary structure and ran almost an entire season out of a food truck.  It was actually pretty impressive, and once their permanent structure, built on a concrete slab this time, was completed they had this extra space that became The Club in early 2016!

Take a look at their Lunch Menu here:

Pirate's BightPirate's Bight