“Our guests frequently ask us, what would you do if it was your day?”

On charter, this is a hard question to answer because we don’t know exactly what our guests are looking for and we hate to persuade you one way or the other.  BUT if we were to really answer that, here’s an idea of what we’d do:

(keep in mind, we’re spoiled and don’t go to the beach every day, are used to the weather here, and don’t always get in the water on boat days, especially in the winter when the water is cold. I know, I know. But 79 degrees is cold when you’re spoiled like us)

On a day trip to the BVI; usually we’d do a later start with a good group of friends, maybe 9:30 or 10:00.  Depending on the group we might go for a more adventurous morning where we snorkel a few new places (usually the indians) or try to find a cave to swim into and explore, and then we’ll debate for about an hour about where to eat; normally ending up at either Foxy’s Taboo or Pirates Bight, depending on where we are in relation to the two, and then we usually finish the day up at White Bay.  Sometimes we venture up to Cooper Island, and end at the Willy T as well.

boat days with friends

One of my favorite things to do is find a calm cove, open up some champagne, and float in the water with friends.  I guess the common denominator here is always good friends, calm water, and some good drinks, but you really can’t beat a day on the water, no matter what your plan is.