“What’s your favorite place to snorkel?” This questions is asked over and over to us either when working or when chatting with new people on island.  I have to say my answer is always snorkeling The Indians.  With the caveat that on a clear and calm day, they are even more beautiful.

The Indians, BVI

Located just off of Norman Island, The Indians are comprised of three rock formations sticking out of the water, but it’s what’s underwater that is truly amazing.  There are mooring balls all around the rock formations and depending on where the boat moors, you will either jump into deep water and make your way closer to the rocks or you can jump directly into ten foot water with an incredible seascape below.  The Indians have two very different seascapes, on one side there is a lot of soft coral and beautiful sea fans and TONS of fish and even has a swim through for the more advanced snorkelers.  The other side is a steep wall that goes from around ten feet to thirty-five feet and you’re very likely to find moray eels hanging out on the outcroppings.  We’ve seen everything from large snappers to dolphins to sea turtles here and we absolutely love bringing our guests to this gorgeous spot.

One warning though; snorkeling the indians is most days for experienced snorkelers as it is not protected and can sometimes have strong current and rougher waters than some of our other favorite spots on Norman Island such as the caves and the aquarium.