Lovango is a pretty cool little island just off the North Shore of Saint John.  Visitors are always interested in exploring Lovango Key it because it’s one of the few off shore keys here that is actually inhabited and has been for a very long time!  Local Legend says that Lovango gets it’s name from a pretty interesting history beginning in the pirate and Navy times.  This 118 acre piece of land has been inhabited since the mid 1800s and used to boast the only brothel in the area with a deep enough anchorage for sailboats to easily access the island.  The story goes that the brothel was called the Love-and-go and said quickly in the local dialect sounds a lot like Lovango.  However, as most stories go, this is most likely untrue, according to the Saint John historical Society, the island actually gets it’s name from an African trading post in the Congo. 

 Either way, this Cay has some really interesting history, at times having a population of more than any settlement on Saint John, due mainly to the prosperous fishing, charcoal, and quick lime industries on the tiny little island.  Today, Lovango is a respite for many, including this gorgeous completely off the grid Villa.  There is no power source running from Saint John to Lovango, so the owners here have to get creative!

Lovango is also an excellent snorkeling spot.  Our captains love stopping here in the morning because it’s normally pretty calm and it’s the perfect spot for our guests to jump in the water while the captain takes care of the customs paperwork!