We all know reasonable flights to Saint John have been hard to find and the prices have been pretty high.




So I did a little digging today and the rates are getting better every month. The slider to the right shows Delta’s flight matrix between JFK and STT and BOS and STT for March-June and I am SO pleased to see the difference from March to June.

March Fares JFK-STT




March Fares BOS-STT




April Fares JFK-STT




April Fares BOS-STT




May Fares JFK-STT




May Fares BOS-STT




June Fares JFK-STT




June Fares BOS-STT




There are also more flights to Saint John being added on Jet Blue and American and there is a rumor that United is coming back sooner than later.   You can always get here via San Juan by flying Cape Air, Sea Borne and Jet Blue as well!  Delta is adding their direct from JFK flight back starting in April (hence the great fares,) American is said to be adding more flights and we’re just waiting for that BOS-STT direct flight that we heard was coming back in March!  

So, no excuses left, come visit us! We can’t wait for you all to see how far St. John has come and spend some time on our amazing island!