Hiking America Hill is another of our favorite past times.  Located just past the entrance to Cinnamon Bay, this hike is moderately challenging but really really worth it.  It’s just a little over a mile and pretty steep at the start but then it flattens out a little with plenty of shade cover.  Sometimes the trail can be a bit overgrown but its totally worth it once you get to the top.

We usually pack sandwiches and sit up at the top for a little while just enjoying this view.

America Hill Hike Saint John USVI

The America Hill house isn’t one of the “Great Houses,” like you’ll find on many other trails on Saint John, but more of an estate house which was later used as a guest house featuring some notorious guests.  The local island lore is that the estate house was used to house Rum-Runners in the prohibition days.America Hill Hike Saint John USVI

The walls of the estate house are mostly intact and give you an idea of the beautiful architecture that was once evident here. America Hill Hike Saint John USVI

America Hill Hike Saint John USVI

Enjoy! It’s a beautiful hike, well worth a morning before ending at one of the beautiful north shore beaches.