Rumored to be named after famous Privateer, Joost Van Dyk, this tiny island is a vacationers paradise.  Located about 5 miles due north of Saint John, with approximately 300 full time residents and one of the busiest ports in the BVI; this beautiful island is a must see on your charter.  The main town, Great Harbor, still has a white sand Main Street and enjoys a sleepier pace of life than it’s neighboring islands.








Hendo's Hideout







Neighboring Sandy Spit







Sydney's in Little Harbor







Foxy's Taboo







The island is also rich in history boasting one of the largest charcoal productions in the 1800’s with export to the US Virgin Islands, alongside agriculture and fishing, being their main means of survival.

Nowadays, On Jost Van Dyke, you can find many of the famous bars and restaurants which you’ll hear popping up when researching the BVI such as Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar, and Corsairs, as well as many hiking trails, options for exploring and some lovely deserted islands nearby. If time permits to explore you can enjoy walking to the famous bubbling pools on the Far East side of the Island near Foxy’s Taboo and experience the Atlantic Ocean in full force, conditions permitting of course.

While on day charter, there is plenty to do on and around Jost Van Dyke.  A normal day includes clearing customs in Great Harbor and if the customs agents are willing you can walk around the little town while your captain clears customs.  Foxy’s isn’t always open early in the morning, but Corsair’s is and they have a great breakfast (and Bloody Mary.)  After that you’ll definitely want to explore Sandy Spit, have lunch at one of our favorite spots (Foxy’s Taboo or Hendo’s Hideout) and then explore beach bars and relax for a few painkillers at White Bay.  We also love stopping at Ivan’s for a much more casual afternoon of beach volleyball and cocktail in lounge chairs while skipping the crowd over at The Soggy Dollar Bar.