It’s the end of August on St. John, USVI and everyone is talking about who is closing and when, where we’re all traveling to, and all the boats are gearing up to spend some quality time in the boat yard for repairs and maintenance.  However, off season on St. John is a great time to visit/staycation and here are five reasons why!



















Beaches– The beaches this time of year tend to be very quiet. You can find parking, there is always room to spread out and enjoy the beach.  Sometimes you’ll even get the majority of one of our white sand beaches to yourself!

Less Crowds– This goes for Cruz Bay too.  While the restaurants close here and there, the ones that are open AREN’T slammed.  So if you want to enjoy happy hour and actually get a seat at the bar, come visit us in September!  Here’s a list of the off season closures that our friends at News of Saint John put together every year.  As you can see, there is still a lot of places open for fun and everyone loves our off season visitors!

Boating is Simpler– Virtually no lines at customs and our water tends to be SO flat and calm unless there’s a disturbance in the area, then we get some winds but we usually have enough openings that we can move people around and give them the better weather day!  While a lot of the restaurants in the BVI close down, it’s a great time to explore the BVI and spend some quiet time enjoying Soggy Dollar and other bars without all the crowds!

Rates- Off season rates at Villas are incredible! It seems like the month of September most places will give you an off season rate if you ask nicely!  There are also always fun specials and different menus at restaurants that we love taking advantage of.  Check out what Ocean 362 is doing this off season. 

Captain Joe’s input- It’s Football Season again!