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Oct 16, 2020 | Blog, Featured

Written by Katie Zachary


As always with 2020, things have been changing quite rapidly and this time it’s been mostly for the better.  The VI is officially under the 1% infection rate and we are gearing up for the 2020-2021 season!

We had another small shutdown at the end of August which coincided with the bulk of our hurricane season and while it was an active one in the Atlantic, we have been really lucky so far down here this year and hope it continues.

Covid Opening Update from the VI

  • Hotels, Villas, and Air BnBs are back open and began taking new reservations again late in September
  • Restaurants are back open with limited capacity (A lot of the restaurants on Saint John are working on re-opening after their normal closing for hurrricane season)
  • Bars without sit down capacity are still closed but bars that can accomodate seated patrons may re-open as long as there is no congregating at the actual bar
  • Masks are required in public places
  • The use of disposable silverware and flatwear at restaurants has been suspended 

Travel Update

  • American Airlines is introducing new flights to the Territory! They are anticipating a major increase in flights starting next month from areas where they have seen a large demand including Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas Forth Worth, and Chicago! 


  • The airport is running about the same as it always has; the bar is open for drinks as long as you can find a seat and TSA has been relatively quick, as well as customs (granted it’s off season and the airport has been quieter than in say December)

Travel Portal

The travel portal for incoming flights is surprisingly easy to use.

  • Access it here:
    • The steps are simple; get your test within five days of travel, get a paper copy of your results or print one out, upload the results into the portal, get your confirmation email and then DON’T FORGET TO PRINT IT OUT and bring your test results in paper form just in case too.
    • Once you get off the plane you hand a hasmat suit clad individal your travel portal email, get your temp taken contactless, and then you’re on your way to get your bags
    • Any travelers under the age of 5 are exempt from testing and temp taking at the airport

BVI Update

I wish we had better news on this one but we dont.  It seems that the BVI Tourism Board and their government are not communicating and agreeing on what to do very well.  A few weeks back the tourism board announced that the BVI will be open on December 1st.  A follow up late last week alerted everyone that they actually just mean the airport is re-opening and that anyone traveling must quarantine for 4 days once arriving in the BVI. There has not been any official information past that and the BVI government has not specifically addressed the day charter industry, and to be blunt about it, I think it’s because they don’t know what to do. 
So what does this mean for all of you who have booked a BVI charter with us after December 1st? well. I would say, be patient if you can, and if we need to amend itineraries and stay in US Waters, there is plenty to do and we’ve discovered a few “secret” spots that our captains and guests have been loving! Along with Lime Out, Pizza Pi and no cruise ships at Water Island, our trips have been full of fun bar hopping, snorkeling, and private beaches. 

We know this isn’t great news, and as soon as we have more news we will be sure to reach out to everyone individually and also via our newsletter. 

We hope to see everyone soon enjoying America’s Paradise!

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