As many of you know, it is currently our off season, and as you’ve probably seen, if you follow us on Instagram, that the weather couldn’t be better! The wind has calmed down, the water is incredibly clear, and it’s been really really good weather for boating.  It’s also super quiet on Saint John and it gives the local businesses the time to do renovations, maintenance, and most of all relax a little bit and enjoy our island.

Virgin Gorda

This makes it hard to think forward to the holidays, where we get a major influx of tourism, thankfully.  Spending the holidays on St John has definitely grown on us over the years.  It’s festive, everyone is looking forward to a good busy season, and the palm trees are all lit up with white lights making Cruz Bay extra pretty.  We all look forward to the local St John Prom at Mongoose Junction and Joe and I go all out and get to St Thomas the first day they have real Christmas Trees so our apartment smells like The Holidays!   We also are happy to be back working and it’s easily the busiest two weeks of the year on island.  Spending the Holidays on Saint John has grown in popularity over the past few years and our little island is bursting to the seams with the first influx of the season.

However, it is time now to start booking villas, hotels, charters, and flights!  We’re getting booked up already for Christmas and New Years weeks so we definitely want to make sure our repeat customers get their days set up with us so they don’t miss out.

We’re also about to start setting up our bookings for Foxy’s Old Year’s Eve party!  If you’re interested, get in touch soon so you don’t miss out!

Here’s to a busy and happy 2017!

New Years Eve