With the holidays just around the corner, we are about to have a major influx of tourism on Saint John.  We’re always thankful for how busy Saint John is during the holidays and we love seeing all the visitors have such a great time on this beautiful little rock we call home! In that spirit, for everyone coming down, here’s our Top Five Tips for Tourists when visiting Saint John:

  1. KEEP LEFT- we drive on the left, so don’t forget and if you’re nervous, go slow! It’s better to be safe than to cause a major accident! Don’t worry, everyone catches on pretty quickly anyways.
  2. Stay Covered- This is a big one.  Make sure when you’re in Cruz or Coral Bay that you’re completely covered, it’s considered very rude to walk around in a bathing suit. We know it FEELS like you’re at the beach when you’re in Cruz Bay, but the police will stop you and ask you to cover up.
  3. Say Good Morning- one of the best tips for tourists on Saint John! This little tip will get you really far here.  Everyone greets everyone else with Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Night and this little greeting will get you better service and more friendly help from locals.
  4. Be patient- In all aspects, nothing is going to get done fast on Saint John.  A little patience goes a LONG way here, where things tend to run slower, later, and over it’s all way more casual than the states. (Be very glad you don’t have to go to the DMV here)
  5. Help Protect the reefs- buy reef safe sunscreen or opt for a sun shirt instead, don’t kick the coral with your fins, don’t stand up in the water unless you’re in white sand, and be concious of how fragile the reef is! The future of Saint John Thanks you!

Hope these help our first time visitors! We always love talking to first timers about how surprised they are with Saint John; it’s so easy to see why we’re nicknamed Love City!

Happy Holidays!