We’re back!

A lot has changed since September of 2017 and a lot of things on Saint John have re-emerged from the ashes (so to speak,) new and improved and here are some of our favorites!

Kati Ligo! 

Our favorite Greek, Paul, has re-opened the wine shop and re-branded it as Kati Ligo; a greek bistro and wine bar.  We’re happy to have him back open.  The wine shop has expanded to about twice it’s original size and though Paul didn’t have any hurricane damage, he did renovate the wine shop this off season and it’s beautiful! Floor to ceiling shelving is stocked with all the favorite and unique wines you’re used to and his grab and go case has delicious Italian sandwiches stocked so you can swing in and grab a few goodies before heading to the beach!  (photo is from Paul’s facebook page, head over and check it out here)

1864, The Restaurant! 

A second location from the owners of Extra Virgin Bistro opened up this summer at Mongoose Junction and we’re obsessed.  1864 features a huge horseshoe shaped bar and specializes in seafood and even has a happy hour raw bar and happy hour sushi options to pair with their great cocktails and wines by the glass! They also just started doing brunch and they are open for lunch 6 days a week! 

Ferry from Downtown to St. John! 

One of our new favorite things to emerge in the last year is Inter Island boat Service’s new ferry that runs a few times a day from Crown Bay Marina to St. John and back. Their schedule is posted on their facebook page and is aligned with the major flights coming in and out of the territory.  It’s the easiest, and friendliest way to get from the airport to St. John!    

No More Harmful Sunscreen! 

Our sunscreen ban went into effect on January 1st and it is now illegal to import or sell sunscreen that has chemicals in it that harm our reefs! This is one step towards preserving our beautiful island and underwater world that so many of you come down to enjoy.  Please don’t bring sunscreens down that are not 100% reef safe.  Remember to read your labels, not all sunscreens that say reef safe, actually are!  Here’s a blog we did about sunscreen a while back to reference!

Lime Out and Lovango!

Two new restaurants that we are loving for US Waters trips are Lime Out and soon come, Lovango!  Lime Out is a floating taco boat that serves killer tacos and amazing margaritas and other craft cocktails all while minimizing their impact on their ecological surroundings.  This is a must stop if you’re on a US only trip! 

The second one is a new concept that is set to open up on Lovango.  This new restaurant is the brain child of the old owner of ZoZo’s so we have high expectations and are SO excited to see how things unfold.  There will be dock access and we’ve heard a shuttle to and from the restaurant so boaters can go over and enjoy lunch.  More on that, as they are set to open in a few short weeks, or so we’ve heard!