Top 5 things to do on a US Waters Only Charter

This summer we are going to be spending all of our charters in US Waters, so book your trip now and help us support the local economy!  We’re keeping tourism in the US Virgin Islands for this time while the BVI is closed and it’s not a bad thing at all!

Here’s what to expect from a beautiful day in US Waters Only!

Beach Hop! 

Spend some of your day beach hopping through the National Park and exploring the white sand beaches of Saint John and Saint Thomas that would otherwise be skipped!  A few of these options are any of the North Shore Beaches on Saint John, mermaids chair on Saint John, as well as Lindquist Beach on St. Thomas, Magen’s Bay on St Thomas, Hans Lolick, Lovlango Cay, and many more! Our captains have secret spots and will help make sure it’s the Best Day of Your Vacation!

All of these options as with everything else is are wind and sea condition dependent! 

Bar Hop!


While our options in the US for bar hopping are not as prevalent as those in the BVI due in thanks to the National Park, we love a good margarita from Lime Out, Ice Cold Beer or specialty drink at Pizza Pi, and we’re looking forward to checking out the newest addition to the US waters scene, Cowboy Bebop; a new floating restaurant and bar said to open in coming months along the islands between Saint John and Saint Thomas.  More on that later…. For now, let’s go grab a Margarita on CatZilla! 


US Waters Only


Easily one of the best parts about US waters charters is that there are so many snorkeling spots that you can’t access by car on Saint John and the surrounding waters.  Booby Rock off of Salt Pond is one that in perfect conditions is an excellent snorkel, the reef off of Lovango is an easy and vibrant spot to stop and is also a great end of the day spot to cool off before heading in.  We also love going to 3 buoy reef and watermelon; it’s much easier to access the amazing sea life here by boat.  Speaking of sea life, a stop at Maho to snorkel with turtles is ALWAYS fun and if you follow our social media you know we’ve been spending most afternoons there and the turtles are SO plentiful right now, it’s really cool.  We watched a spotted eagle ray jump multiple times this past Sunday followed by turtles popping up left and right.  

US Waters Only


From cliff jumping, to watching dragon’s breath go off, to checking out parts of Saint Thomas and the surrounding cays, our captains will have plenty for you to explore during your US Waters Only charter! 

What is going to change?!

With everything going on in the world, we are going to be working on safety and sanitation precautions.  Along with extensive cleaning procedures, we are not going to be offering our Tervis Tumblers to be re-used onboard for the time being.  You can purchase your cups ahead of time and we will have them onboard for you in the morning.  You are also welcome to bring cups of your choice, but in the effort to minimize plastic waste, we do ask that you bring a reusable cup instead of plastic to go cups. 

Sanitizing snorkeling gear- Our captains already do this, but we will be making sure that all snorkeling gear gets sanitized with bleach and soap and then rinsed properly before being put away.  If you feel more comfortable bringing your own snorkeling mask with you, please feel free to do so!

We will also have hand sanitizer onboard for your use (hoping it gets here in time!)

The boats are cleaned thoroughly each night after charters and will also be cleaned again each morning before your group boards

We will have buffs onboard for purchase if you would like a VI flag custom buff to wear for sun and sanitizing protection (Coming Soon)



US Waters Only