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Sep 28, 2021 | Blog, Destinations

Written by Katie Zachary


We closed down for Hurricane season for the first time ever this year for a major reboot and it’s just about time to get back into it.  We reopen for USVI Charters on October 6th! More on those details below

What does a USVI Charter Look Like? 

  • Itineraries are SO flexible that I can’t really give an exact itinerary and we never confirm any destinations ahead of time because of wind and sea conditions but loosely here’s what to expect for a day
  • 9am pickup
    First Up, We snorkel! Snorkel spots are determined bu wind and sea conditions mainly but also the guests requests and what destinations work best with the lunch spot or any other requests!
  • Waterlemon Key, Lovango, Maho for turtles, Little saint james, great saint james are all options for great snorkeling
  • If your group is quick to snorkel, you might want a second stop before lunch and this will depend on where you went first and where you want to go for lunch
    Lunch is usually around 11-1 depending on how much snorkeling you want to do and where you want to go! 
  • After lunch you’ll make a plan to either beach hop, grab a drink somewhere else, take a cruise on the boat for a bit, or float in the water and have some cocktails
    Return at 3pm

What about Lunch? 

  • Lunch Options on a USVI Charter
  • Lime Out- Tacos, really great drinks, swim up bar and floats for a fun time
  • Dinghys Beach Bar and Grill located on water island serves super casual food and is a great beach bar stop for lunch or in the afternoon (If it’s calm enough and you have the time to do so)
  • Pizza Pi- Pizza on a boat! Fresh and delivered to you boat; Christmas Cove is a great spot to snorkel or swim while you wait for your food
  • Lovango Beach Club- We are not sure when they reopen for lunch this year but when they do, they serve delicious lunch and drinks in a fabulous setting. More of a high end lunch spot but a great way to get off the boat for a bit.  We also love stopping here for cocktails at the end of the day


  • Does it compare to the BVI? Obviously the BVI is fantastic but the USVI is really amazing too, our usvi charters are generally more time on the boat, more time in the sun, and more time snorkeling or beach hopping but overall are really fun. 
  • Can I do multiple Days? Sure! There’s plenty to do especially once all the restaurants open back up
  • Can I bring my own lunch? Sure, just let us know so you don’t have a cranky hungry captain on your hands
  • Where will we go? The USVI is a vast area so the options are literally endless; the wind and sea conditions really factor in here.  Your captain is going to give you suggestions all day long and help you have  The Best Day of Your Vacation
  • What’s changed since COVID?  We no longer offer reusable cups and we ask that you bring your own snorkeling mask.  That’s it. 
  • Where can I book? BOOK HERE!
  • Any other trip options? Half Days, Snorkel Sunsets, and our Luxury Trips are all still available 



BVI Update

There has been a lot of confusion on this one with the latest announcement from the BVI.  AS OF RIGHT NOW, DAY CHARTERS ARE STILL NOT ALLOWED IN THE BVI.  

They have loosened restrictions just a bit and this makes getting there for an overnight easier but logistically and financially there is no way for day charters to operate right now.  The volume alone on a busy day in Jost Van Dyke or at West End Customs is a COVID nightmare and I personally don’t think they know how to mitigate that and really bluntly, their government doesn’t care about the money day charters bring in.  There are a lot of things at play with what is going on in the BVI and it is really just a wait and see situation at this point.  

So what did change? The BVI is now allowing people to come into the port where they are staying without using the BVI portal.  They do still require you to get tested upon arrival, and the USVI requires that you be tested within 2 days before coming back from the BVI.  It’s a small step in the right direction but they just aren’t there yet.  

We hope soon this message will change and when it does we will be shouting from the rooftops! But for now, we can celebrate keeping revenue in the USVI and promoting the hardworking businesses here! 


Jost Van Dyke

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