USVI Day Charters  

Written by Katie Zachary

November 30, 2022

 Sick of the back and forth with the BVI? Want to keep your money in US waters? 

Private Day Charters

June of 2020 we started running exclusively US waters charters and they have been really wonderful.  We appreciate everyone being supportive and keeping the business local and we intend to keep offering those charters even after the BVI gets their act squared away.  (On that note, we are waiting on official clearance from the BVI and once that is issued we’ll make an announcement about really doing BVI again.)

One thing everyone asks us is what they can do in the USVI.  There really is a ton of fabulous snorkeling, a little bar hopping and our captains love finding off the beaten path things to do!

It’s always super flexible but we really love Lovango Beach club and they are making huge improvements this year so we definitely plan to still go there even if it’s just for a drink or two, which they are making a more feasible option this year. At Lovango you get a little bit of the BVI feel with shops, a pool, a beach club, two options for dining and a really spectacular view and atmosphere.  Check out their holiday events too!

We also love Dinghys on Water island, beach bar casual vibe with live music frequently!  Pizza Pi has new owners so we anxiously wait for their update and we always love a good taco and marg situation from Lime out.

There’s plenty to do, so if you choose to stay local we’ll make sure it’s The Best Day of your Vacation!


Boat Days are the Best Days!

Saint John Private Charters

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