We often get new visitors to Saint John that want to know why our business is called Love City Excursions and isn’t related to the name of our boat, CatZilla.

Saint John

Beautiful Saint John

When Joe and I set out to build our business, there were trials and tribulations and so much back and forth and cancelled contracts etc. We spent years trying to make it work in the best way, and were finally able to make it work in April of 2015, even though CatZilla didn’t arrive until July 2015.  After a business purchase fell through, we decided to build our own business from scratch.  We went under contract on a local boat, only to have that fall through as well, so together with Maritime Yacht sales, we found CatZilla in North Carolina and after much deliberation had her shipped down (on our wedding day, no less.)

Once we had decided to start from scratch, we wanted to essentially give homage to the island that we love. Saint John is commonly referred to as Love City which relates to the peaceful island and incredible community we are fortunate enough to be a part of.  Saint John has been special to us and after leaving and returning we realized how much we love it here and Love City Excursions seemed like the perfect way to “respect” Saint John and everything that it means to us! Hence, Love City Excursions was born!