One of my favorite past times is hiking.  Some of the best hikes on Saint John are tough but with high rewards.  It’s hard to limit it to just five, but here goes nothing!

Waterlemon Key seen from the Murphy Great House







Reef Bay Trail







Rams Head Hike







Caneel/Margaret Hill Hike







Lind Point Trail







Some of the best Hiking trails on Saint John are, in my opinion, the ones that lead to amazing views, waterfalls, and beaches.  Since I’m only picking five, these are the moderate to difficult ones and they all end in something great!

The Johnny Horn Trail is so beautiful and a pretty easy hike, culminating in the Murphy Great house which is just incredible to walk around and imagine life in the 1800’s to early 1900’s.

The Reef Bay Trail is one that ends in ruins, petroglyphs, water falls (depending on the rainfall at the time,) AND a beach! This is a must do when you visit Saint John, whether you hike down and back up or you do the guided hike with the National Park, it can’t be beat. The petroglyphs are slightly eery in the beautiful scenic location near the small pools of water that sometimes have a waterfall above them if we are getting enough rainfall that time of year.

Ram’s Head is rife with the troubled history of Saint John, and combined with the beautiful views, this is a great hike to do before enjoying the rest of your day at Salt Pond.  We love doing this hike for a little bit of exercise and then hopping over to Skinny Legs or Indigo grill for happy hour!

The Caneel/Margaret Hill Hike is the hardest of my top five Best Hikes on Saint John and absolutely worth it.  The views from the top are just incredible and if you catch it on a day with clear air and little to no wind, you can see Sandy Spit and beyond.  The trailhead is located just past mongoose junction, but be ready for a workout, it’s a good one!

And we’re ending with the easiest of them, The Lind Point Trail, which leads to Solomon beach.  This easy and mostly flat trail is a little under a mile and you can either go straight to Solomon or venture up to the overlook to see Cruz Bay from a different perspective.

Whether you’re looking for a workout or not, or just a quick walk to the beach, these are some hikes that should definitely be on your Saint John bucket list!