Besides the normal questions regarding our charters, We get asked a lot of questions about St. John, USVI, making this a good topic for our Top Five Tuesday post this week!  There are a lot of funny questions we get, so we might have to do a separate blog post about the funny ones later, but this will be the useful ones!







Q: It looks like it’s going to rain every day while we’re there, should we be worried? 

A: We get this one A LOT! So here’s our typical answer:  I wouldn’t stress about it and I swear the Travel Channel is just trying to stress people out with their forecasts about the Caribbean!  We look at wind and sea conditions which are way more important than rain because honestly it rains almost every night/early morning for the majority of the year. While It might rain off and on while you visit,  we recommend not relying on those forecasts.  Another thing to note is that its very common for it to rain  on St Thomas or St. John and not in the BVI or vice versa. Weather is very dynamic here so we generally don’t really know what it will be like until the morning and then we can see the conditions for the day.

Q: Why do you drive on the left side of the road when you’re a US territory?

A: Local legend has it that when the roads were first established the most common mode of transportation was donkeys and for some reason the donkeys didn’t like passing each other on their left sides.  Short answer, no one really knows and because it works for us, we keep it that way! ( We do enjoy joking that it’s because it makes it more convenient to stop in the middle of the road and say hi to your friends on the street, something that you see all the time in Cruz Bay)

Q: Whats your favorite Restaurant?

A: Extra Virgin Bistro, Rhumblines, Lime Inn, Longboard, ZoZo’s, Asolare, The Terrace…. Read this post, and this one for more info

Q: What if it’s rough/windy/rainy on our day charter?

A: Obviously I had to include this one, even though its CatZilla centric.  My biggest piece of advice for people is to be open minded about where you want to go for the day, because you will be on the ocean, which is dynamic.  Sometimes we get SUPER rough wind and sea conditions and you just have to be troopers about it, unfortunately.  We experienced this last month when we had 30 knot winds and a North Swell, which made for some difficult conditions, but we were super lucky and all of our amazing guests were so understanding and Joe was able to make some great decisions and make the trips happen still.  Funny enough, the week after that we had some of the calmest seas we’ve had all year.  So, short answer, be open minded and the day can still be great!

Q: What else should we do or see while we’re on St John, USVI?

A: HIKE! Go Fishing! Explore! Relax! Beach hop! Eat great food!  There is a TON to do on St John and we highly recommend renting a car and exploring, that way you can see more than just the North Shore.  We love doing a day trip out to Coral Bay, it’s our version of a road trip, and you can mix in some hiking, beaching, snorkeling, and imbibing.  We also HIGHLY recommend off shore fishing while you’re here. It can be rough out there but there is NOTHING better than bringing home a freshly caught mahi-mahi and grilling at your villa or hotel!